Where There’s a Well

Where There’s a Well

Where There’s a Well
Kate + Johanna originally met at Salford Quays Pizza Express, in 2008 while working their way up the hospitality ladder. They went off to do different things but remained firm friends. A few years later they ended up again working together.

One day over a glass of wine or 3 they decided it was time to stop working for others and do it for themselves.
Their first project was The Coffee Sack – a thriving café bar in Prestwich.
They opened the doors in 2017 an have never looked back serving delicious coffee + cakes breakfast, lunch and dinner with a laidback relaxed café bar vibe.

When the Pizza Express site came vacant (next door but 1 to The Coffee Sack) they simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to make it their own.
Studio DBD founder Dave Sedgwick came up with the name for the eatery – which is located in Prestwich – after delving into historic maps of the area and discovering it was once home to a water well. He says it’s also a gentle nod to the challenges of setting up a new business in the midst of Covid.
The restaurant needed to appeal to both adults and children, as Where There’s a Well is intended as a family destination. It was a bit random, but the designer instantly thought of the frog, as they reside in wells, hence the birth of Dave the frog the mascot of this unique neighbourhood hangout. Offering well-travelled food and drink

Tel: 0161 798 0816
Email: johanna@wheretheresawell.co.uk
Web: https://www.wtaw.co.uk/

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