We have the date, acts and stallholders ready and booked so we need now is a Merry Band of HELPERS to make the day  a fantastic experience for everyone.
Speaking from experience from last year, the early Sunday morning session was great, and as a senior ie 70 I was made very welcome helping erect the gazebo’s and manning the information stand. As a first timer knowing absolutely nobody I felt totally included, useful, and met loads of people I hadn’t seen for years.
So people if you have never volunteered your time before, trust me you will have a good time.  Right, thats the hard sell over with.

So who do we need:

Saturday 20th May

11.00 – 12.00   4 people to help load tables and chairs from Phillips Park.

15.00 – 16.00   6 people to set up tables and chairs at Saint  Marys Flower Park in the Marquee for the Folk Concert

Sunday 21st May

7.30 – 9.30   6 to erect gazebos, moving tables and chairs from Marquee to stalls – 1 or 2 to do the tea/coffee, breakfast for us all.(Very important job!)

9.30 – 12.00   3 people to direct stallholders to their plots – good sense of humour for these 3 roles.

12.00 – 4.00   16 people to spend an houran hour each BUCKET RATTLING on the entrances to the park collecting donations and selling programmes – the money raised in the buckets goes towards next years event. You will be partnered probably by one of our local Councilors or an experienced volunteer.

12.00 – 16.00   4 people to look after our Information Stand handing out information on Prestwich Clough, lost and found, getting feedback of visitors experience of the day, collecting details of people who want to be involved in the group generally.

16 – 19.00   10 people to dismantle everything we put up in the morning and the inevitable litter and debris collection – people were very good last year putting rubbish in bins so  wasn’t too bad.

If you would like to volunteer  contact us


2 or 3 people who can help with a Photographic Exhibition of Preswich Clough through the Seasons – booked for May in the Library.
The idea for this is to promote the Clough and Prestwich Clough Day, however I (yes I’ll own up) didn’t appreciate the complexities of this task I set myself.

Also wanted are people interested in putting together information leaflets on the Clough, Maps of walks and the history of the Clough. There is a range of material out there that could used. The information sheets given out on Prestwich  Clough Day amd the photo exhibition

So whats in it for you – You will be part of an extraordinary day that only happens because you and others helped and iis so very much valued. You have a good time ( I certainly did and here I am doing this volunteer appeal), meet people you might not have seen for years and make new friends, add it to your CV (yes it does make a difference) access a range of training opportunities and more. WE will of course make sure you are all fed and watered.

If you would like to volunteer  contact us